Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install the software on my PC?

No, the system is a web application for which you need only a standard browser and internet connection.

Do I need to have my own website?

No. We can run the software for you on our website.
We also create websites, so we would be pleased to create a website for you, supply the editing system and integrate it with the iSport online booking system.

How is the system secured?

Every reservation made includes the (obligatory) phone number, e-mail and user IP address. The attendant can call the user to check suspicious or large reservations. Reservations can be allowed only to registered users and users which you have approved.

How many reservations may I have in the system?

The number of reservations is not limited.

May I change the opening hours and prices for the summer time or close on public holidays?

Yes, you can define the opening hours and prices for any day or period. It is fully up to you when you set the summer discount, change opening hours and fully close your facility.

How many people can participate in the system?

The number of participants is not limited. You can log into the system from any PC connected to the internet.

I run a seasonal sports facility. Do I have to pay the fee for the whole year?

You will be charged the operating fee only for the months when your facility is open.



Feedback surveys


Feedback surveys is a new function for group activities. It is now possible to create a survey with any questions and send to users by email. It is possible to have multiple surveys running at the same time. For example, you can have the different survey for bike class and another one for body... read more

Extended options for admin rights


We have extended options for admin rights. Currently, there are two types od user roles: a, Administrator – full rights, an admin user has access to all settings and bookings b, Staff – limited rights, no access to settings, only bookings and users are open for changes The new feature is an... read more


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