Improved bookings for group exercises


We are continuously improving our system to be a leading solution on the market. That is why we improved part which is connected with Group exercises.

Improved courses management

Now you have a well-arranged view of courses and you can correct date and time if needed. System can also report capacity of individual courses.

Export bookings of exercises to XLS

We added a new icon for exporting all bookings into XLS format.

Internal notes for activities

The operator can write notes for each activity which are invisible for users.

A copy of the schedule

If you have a regularly recurring schedule, you can create a copy for following period. So you don’t have to plan activity again, but you just make copy.

Views of exercises as a list

The system now allows you to view all the activities as a list. The user sees a list of all activities - courses for the future, sorted by type of activity and within each activity by planned dates.

Advanced scrolling in a schedule

Scrolling in a schedule now allows you to move back from "previous and next" to the present day.
For faster scrolling month by month we added an additional calendar.

Possibility to enter different content e-mail with a recapitulation of the courses

Bookings of courses usually have conditions other than bookings for exercises. The operator can now write different text in e-mail with recapitulation of booking.


Feedback surveys


Feedback surveys is a new function for group activities. It is now possible to create a survey with any questions and send to users by email. It is possible to have multiple surveys running at the same time. For example, you can have the different survey for bike class and another one for body... read more

Extended options for admin rights


We have extended options for admin rights. Currently, there are two types od user roles: a, Administrator – full rights, an admin user has access to all settings and bookings b, Staff – limited rights, no access to settings, only bookings and users are open for changes The new feature is an... read more


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