Types the system for sports and activities

iSport has an extensive range of options and settings. We know that each business has its own particular needs and requirements. On this page you can find examples of settings for individual sports and activities.

Bookings for tennis, squash, ricochet and badminton

These sports have at least two players. Registered players can use the reservation also for other players from the club and/or for visitors who will receive an automated message.

Tennis clubs can use the prepaid card module for club players. Different rates and conditions can apply to club players (e.g. priority) for reservations in a designated period. This is enabled by the price level functionality.

The system will automatically deduct the hours played or the credit from the prepaid card and it keeps daily records. The whole credit history is stored and any information on credit changes can be retrieved.

When user does not come (no show), the system will track the number. The system can be set-up that user are automatically blacklisted if they have not come for set number of times.

Group bookings – Fitness, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Spinning, Pilates, the Five Tibetans, Pole dance, etc.

The booking system allows group activity reservations in which multiple players participate – i.e. the reservation is shared among players. If your capacity for aerobics is, for example, 20 persons + 5 back-ups, then you simply define this in the system and add the colour code and trainer name, and the aerobic activity has been set up.

Regular and long-term activities

Use the regular activities function to create schedules for your exercises for several months ahead.

Courses and make-up sessions

It is now possible to create courses. A course can be running regularly, for example, weekly. A user can sign up for the whole course, for example, 10 weeks course. If someone cancels a course, they can have a make-up session in another course or one off booking.

Waiting list

Users on waiting list are automatically notified via e-mail and SMS when a place becomes available. Everything is of course fully automated.


For creche users, it is possible to save children names to parents accounts. It is also possible to ask for more information e.g. age.

Prepaid cards and credit system

System allows create different types of membership for classes and activities. Each membership can set expiry date or number of days from day of purchase. User are notified when their membership is about to expire automatically. When user is booking a class or activity the system deduct the cost from membership card. Transaction history is logged and is visible by user and system administrators.
System has in-built prepaid credit system. Credits are deducted automatically for each booking. Users and administrators can view transaction history.
Prepaid credit/membership pass or credits can be bought by credit card, bank transfer or by cash.

Automatic cancellation of insufficiently booked exercises

The automatic cancellation function monitors the minimum capacity for you. If a certain number of persons to participate in an exercise has not been reached, the system will send an SMS to the users who booked this exercise and inform the trainer that this exercise has been cancelled because the minimum capacity had not been reached.

Calculate instructor remuneration

The booking system will automatically calculate the fee for instructors for the different exercises based on the number of hours and/or lessons given and by taking into account the hourly rate.

Bookings for fitness machines and equipment – Vibrostation, Power Plate, VacuShape, H.E.A.T., K2 Hiking, Rolletic…

iSport allows you to set time intervals shorter than 30 minutes, which are often needed for exercises on fitness machines. The system can also set pauses between sections of exercises, thus effectively accommodate the operational pause on some machines that is recommended by manufacturers.

Bookings for swimming pools, sports and multi-purpose sports halls and playgrounds

A multi-purpose hall or playground offers different sports and group activities at once. The iSport booking system will allow you to draw up a user-friendly schedule.

You can create repeated activities in a convenient way by using the long-term reservations function for many months ahead. You can colour code different activities and enter the maximum participant and back-up count. The colour scheme created this way is then used as a clear and convenient list of activities provided in the sports hall or playground.

Multi-function halls; for example, a hall can be used for the whole court of basketball or 2 courts of badminton, the system now sees the relationship between bookings. So if half of the hall is booked it is not possible to book the whole hall. It works vice versa; booking whole hall will disable bookings of badminton spots.

Bookings for bowling and billiards

The initial booking system version was called iBowling and was, as the name indicates, designed for bowling. The system has been running smoothly for our clients for many years already and tens of thousands of reservations have been made through it.

Bowling centres frequently use the functions event, registered player and long-term reservations.

Bookings for massage centres, saunas and health & beauty

We have customised the system for saunas, massage & beauty salons and healthcare.

Can’t find your sport, exercise or activity? No worries, just ask us for advice.


Feedback surveys


Feedback surveys is a new function for group activities. It is now possible to create a survey with any questions and send to users by email. It is possible to have multiple surveys running at the same time. For example, you can have the different survey for bike class and another one for body... read more

Extended options for admin rights


We have extended options for admin rights. Currently, there are two types od user roles: a, Administrator – full rights, an admin user has access to all settings and bookings b, Staff – limited rights, no access to settings, only bookings and users are open for changes The new feature is an... read more


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