Booking System Price List

Pricing packages

Standard Medium Max
Group bookings: number of halls
Other sports: number of centres (hall, tennis centre, bowling centre)
1 2–3 4 or more
Other sports: number of places (courts, lanes, playgrounds) 1–3 unlimited unlimited
Unlimited bookings Yes Yes Yes
Daily backups Yes Yes Yes
Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Marking events Yes Yes Yes
User Management Yes Yes Yes
Graphic customization Yes Yes Yes
Long-term / regular booking Yes Yes Yes
Blacklist (unexcused absences) Yes Yes Yes
Price levels No Yes Yes
Season tickets No Yes Yes
The credit system No Yes Yes
PayPal, Stripe No Yes Yes
SMS notifications No Yes Yes
Last-minute discounts No Yes Yes
Newsletter No Yes Yes
Customization No No Yes
VIP support No No Yes
Operating fee (for 1 month) $29 $59 $79

Monthly (operating) fees include:

  • Operating system on our server
  • Daily data backup
  • E-mail support
  • Updates and new versions for free

Customized quotation

Are you having trouble finding a price package that matches your sports facility? Do you offer seasonal sports and want to avoid paying the fee for the whole year? Please send us your enquiries, sport preferences and the terms and conditions of your facility. We will prepare a customized quotation for you.


Feedback surveys


Feedback surveys is a new function for group activities. It is now possible to create a survey with any questions and send to users by email. It is possible to have multiple surveys running at the same time. For example, you can have the different survey for bike class and another one for body... read more

Extended options for admin rights


We have extended options for admin rights. Currently, there are two types od user roles: a, Administrator – full rights, an admin user has access to all settings and bookings b, Staff – limited rights, no access to settings, only bookings and users are open for changes The new feature is an... read more


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