Most Important Features & Functions

  • Individual Bookings

    They are used for sport like tennis, badminton, squash, bowling. They are also used for court/room booking in multi-sport centres, massages, and saunas. The system allows one booking during the time. It is possible to set-up different prices based on peak or off-peak periods. The system uses different colours, where colours can be different for each person or booking status.

  • Group Lessons

    Each lesson does have a set capacity with an optional waitlist. If there a cancellation the first person on the waitlist will get booked with an automated email or SMS. The system can be also set-up that the class would automatically be closed if there not a minimum number of participants.

  • Courses

    It is possible to set up courses that would run for a set time, for example, 10 weeks. It is possible to allow booking for the whole course or partially. There is also a make-up feature (replacement sessions) for users who missed a session.

  • Videos

    Link to video can be added to:
    a) lessons – attach uploaded (hosted) or streaming services videos like Youtube or Zoom to lessons
    b) credits/passes – attach uploaded (hosted) or streaming services videos like Youtube or Zoom to lessons to credits and membership passes

  • Creche and Booking of Children

    It is possible to create children classes where parents can book their children. Classes can be seperated by age group and have different times and capacities. System allows to save children information so it is easy to see special requirements, age etc.

  • Coupons and Vouchers

    It is possible set-up coupons or vouchers that user can use to have discounts. Discount could be either percentage or set price.

  • Small Good Sales and Inventory Management

    It is possible to sell small good like drinks, protein bars, towels etc. Customers can pay by cash or they can use their credit. The system does have invernory managment and sales reporting.

  • Reports & Statistics

    The system has multiple types of reports. You can have an easy and quick summary of all bookings, deleted bookings, payments and more. Statistics allow you to have quick look at most booked days, times and tabs. All reports can be printed or downloaded to excel.

  • Hours by Coach/Trainer

    You can use the sytem to easily get number of hours or classes that coach/trainer has done. You can also set-up how report for how much they should recieve.

  • User's Features

    Users can see their booking and credit balance, they can easily cancel a booking and purchase more credits. It is possible to set-up cancellation policies, for example, that user has to cancel booking no later than 8 hours before the start. It is possible to create user groups, each user group can have different prices or booking limits.

  • Registration and Log-in Using Facebook and Google

    Users can create an account and log-in using their Facebook or Google account. It will make the process easier for users. We will not be capturing any personal information.

  • Membership

    It is possible to create membership passes with limited expiry. For example 7 day trial that would expire after 7 days. Or ongoing membership where users have unlimited bookings vs. casual users who has to pay.

  • Birthday

    You can send an automatic email to wish happy birthday. Email can also have a discount voucher to entice users to come back.

  • Bookings Add-Ons

    For individual bookings, it is possible to choose add-ons. For example, for tennis booking, it is possible to add racquets and balls, for multifunction hall it is possible to choose sports.

  • Better Management of Multi-Function Halls

    Multi-function halls; for example, a hall can be used for the whole court of basketball or 2 courts of badminton, the system now sees the relationship between bookings. So if half of the hall is booked it is not possible to book the whole hall. It works vice versa; booking whole hall will disable bookings of badminton spots.

  • Credits and Passes

    The system allows passes and credits. Credit can be used to pay for bookings and are paid by users upfront. It limits the risk of issues with non-payments and allows users to book easily. Each pass/credit can have an expiry or be without any limits. IF credit balance is low the system sends an automatic email to a user.
    Each booking would deduct a credit and it is possible to disable bookings for users without credits. If a user cancels within cancellation policies they will get a refund. Balance and deduction are transparent for users and system administrators.

  • Types of Credit/Passes

    There are 4 types of credit/passes:

    Credit: credit gets deducted for each booking in dollar amounts. Users can purchase or top-up credit.
    Visit-based: most commonly used for group classes or creche. Each booking (visit) would decrease the balance by one.
    Time-based: this type is based on the amount of time that users book an activity for. For example, 1 hour.
    Unlimited/membership-based: users can book as many times as long as their pass is valid, while the overall restrictions still apply (for example, maximum bookings per day or week).

  • Online Payments

    System is integrate with Paypal or Stripe payment gateway. User can pay for credits online and you will recieve funds directly.

  • Admin and Staff Rights

    It is posible to set-up 2 level of admin access. Admin with full access and staaf with limited access. Staff access can be further customised and access to certain feature can be disabled, for example ability to change prices or cancel bookings.

  • Email & SMS Notifications

    System administrators can any-time send email or text message through the system, for example notifying about class cancellation.
    System sends SMS and emails automatically in these cases:
    - user on waiting list when they are booked (spot has become available),
    - class or activity cancellation due minimum capacity requirement,
    - approaching membership expiry or low credit.
    Email and text message content can be customised to your needs.

  • Long-Term and Regular Reservations or Events

    Do you have regular reservations that repeat throughout the year? Do you organise a tournament every Saturday? Then you will welcome the mass booking option. You just select the date, time and day of the week and let the iSport booking system generates reservations even for a whole year ahead. This functionality also works vice versa: if you want to delete such regular slots from your system, you can delete them all at once.

  • Price Levels

    This function will be useful for everyone who needs to set different rates for VIP clients or sport club members. When logged into the registration system, users will see rates allocated to them.

  • Blacklist (No-Show Management)

    Staff can mark attendance for users who booked but did not come. The system tracks how many missed bookings a user had and if user reach limit, the user can not book by certain time. Limit and time are set by you. That way who can minimise the risk of too many no-shows.

  • Newsletter

    This functionality is a great help when announcing various kinds of news and events from your sports facility. The operator can send mass e-mails to clients and choose the groups for which such e-mails are intended. These e-mails can be sent with attachments as well. The body of the e-mail the clients receive has a graphic design with the logo of the sports facility. Any recipient can unsubscribe from receiving such e-mails at any time.
    If you are using MailChimp as the  email provider, the system can update the MailChimp list.

  • Feedback Surveys

    You can send email surveys to users who finished class/session. Surveys are customisable and you can send multiple surveys at the time. Answers are avaialbe in the system.

  • Last-Minute Discounts

    If the capacity of your sports facility has not been fully booked, you can use the last-minute discount module. Just enter the last-minute prices into the system and select when these special prices shall be activated and under what conditions.

  • Marking Events and Tournaments

    This feature can be only used for individual bookings (bowling, tennis...). You can create and multiple events, each event can have different colour or icon. There are 3 types of events:
    - event with a reservation option – users can reserve this event themselves,
    - event without reservation option – no reservation is allowed for this event (e.g. closed tournaments, playground maintenance, etc.),
    - events with exclusive rights – only certain users (e.g. sports club members) can reserve this event themselves.

  • Invite Other Players

    Tennis players can invite more players from the club or visitors. They have to enter their names with the reservation. Invited players will receive an e-mail invitation with a reservation recap.

  • Flexible Design and Adaption of the Visual Interface

    The system will have a similar design to your website and is fully customised for your needs. Time units can be set as 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour, the system supports different time units. There are many various settings, we will set-up the system according to your specific requirements. 

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About iSport Booking System

Responsive booking system for mobiles and tablets

iSport booking system has been created to help gyms, sport centres and other businesses to manage bookings online. It can be used to manage creche in gyms, group activities or individual sports like badminton or tennis.

Our system is easy to use for both business owners and end-users. We have a wide range of settings that customise system to your needs. You can check out some of our testimonials.

Based on feedback from our customer we keep launching new features and improvements. We usually release around 80 improvements each year. Upgrades to a newer version of the system are free of charge.